BODIE and FOU Creative Challenge: Are you in?


This image has inspired me for a long time... and dipping our natural basket into white paint has been on my list of Little Creative Projects too for a while so I'm going to take a couple to France to try this out.
In the meantime, I thought it would be great fun to do a little, creative challenge together. Are you in?
BODIE and FOU Style blog: Creative Challenge. Are you in??

To participate:
1/ Just do something creative, inspiring and beautiful with your natural basket ...paint it, style it, revamp it, whatever inspires you...
2/ Then post your image on Instagram with hashtag #bodieandfouchallenge so I can see them while I'm away in France
3/ Email me a photo at

When I'm back, we will select 5 winners and not only we will refund the winners the cost of the basket (providing you bought it from us, of course!) but we will also send you the print of your choice from the BODIE and FOU Collection.
Competition will end on 31/07/2014 to give ou plenty of time to do something really nice

// Photography: Via Credits: TBC
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Michaela Woelk said...

Nice idea, have a great time in France!

june olsen said...

Great idea! got my basket...getting creative!! have a nice holiday!!


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