In the shop this week: the AA Butterfly chair (aka BKF chair)


Once piece of furniture I was really longing to receive for our new SS/2013 collection (and our back garden!) was the AA Butterfly chair (aka the BFK chair) which I'm sure, you've seen a lot of time in interior magazines. 
Not only it, it is beautifully designed, simple, minimal like I love things to be but it is also very comfortable - which is not always the case even for a designer chair.
It took me a while to source it for our collection because I wanted the real deal and not a copy. 
I know we had this conversation before but when it comes to design, I'd rather wait until I can afford the real deal, find a vintage one or make it myself than getting a copy. It's a matter of principle, integrity and respect to the designer. So the one we stock is a re-edition in full respect of the spirit and the quality of the original 1938 model.

The legendary Butterfly chair was originally designed in 1938 by Architects & Designers Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Antonio Bonet and Juan Kurchan and was inspired by the work of Le Corbusier - pioneer of modern architecture, with whom, the three young designers worked with in the thirties.
After they went back to Buenos Aires, they formed the "Grupo Austral" and in 1938, created the famous 197 model that became broadly known as the Butterfly or BKF chair.
Now a design classic, the AA Butterfly chair is part of the permanent collection of the MoMa Museum since 1944 and BODIE and FOU!

(C) 1. Pinterest | Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong | 3. Karin Gaasterland and Alain Parry | 4. Home of Fashion designer Vanessa Bruno


Juliane said...

I love butterfly chairs. It's amazing to me how comfortable they are. I love the ones I can fold up and set in a corner. These are beautiful chairs!

navya said...

Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

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architectonista said...

Love these chairs! I just wanted to drop by to tell you I’ve nominated your blog for the Inspiring Blog Award! You can visit to see a post about it. Thanks!

Jonathan said...

Hey! One of the most amazing collections I have ever seen. My family loves the butterfly chair. Overall, a very creative post!

Interior Design Companies In Singapore said...

Great post. Now I’ll probably spend the next 2 hours bouncing around these blogs.


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