Our new offices...simply gorgeous!


What a week! 
Last week was pretty busy in Paris but this one is not doing too bad either ! :-)
We finally moved to our new offices on Monday (I LOVE THEM!!) and we all have been busy unpacking far too many boxes to set up our offices as quickly as possible but I'm glad to say that we are now back to normal.
Our packing team started dispatching orders yesterday again and the backlog will be cleared by the end of day today providing things you ordered are in stock. Talking of which, all these items are now back in stock: UP print, Pirum Parum print, ABC poster byGraziela, Circus print, the Rabbit lamp and the clip on light.
We also have a photoshoot scheduled with Curio magazine & Francois mid-Feb so I think our showroom will be open to the public shortly after that but I'll let you know nearer the time. Have a great weekend!
PS: And thanks to VosgesParis for her gorgeous black star (last image), it looks just perfect in our new offices!

BODIE and FOU Showroom | Styling & Photography Studio
231 The Vale Acton, Second floor, London W3 7QS
Tel: +208 450 5600 | thegirls@bodieandfou.com | www.bodieandfou.com 

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cbelca said...

Lovely. I love this windows and old wooden floor.
Wouldn't mind working in environment like this.
Wish you all at B&F a lot of inspiring work days.

ehtesham hyder said...

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Milynn {Love + Whimsy} said...

Gorgeous! I love the floors and a huge windows! Such a great place to work :)

Mariela said...

Enjoy your well deserve amazing place!!


La Rimule said...

Comme on dit ici : c'est un truc de ouf !

Annelies said...

What a gorgeous place! Those windows, that floor, those lamps...must feel so good to work in such a place!

BODIEandFOU concept store said...

Thanks Cbelca :-)
Thanks Mariela we will!
Tout a fait d'accord La Rimule! C'est un peu canon!

It's lovely Annelies...we're loving it!

Lau de CASALIL said...

I feel the best vibes here... Congrats for this new part of "adventure as a daily challenge" ... ;)

Marcella said...

I really love the windows!! Good luck in your new office!

miriam said...

Stunning showroom, love the huge window!


Souraya Hassan said...

This is a beautiful space... i think you will create beautiful things here. Wish you a lot of inspiration and creativity for this new office!

Emily Henson/Life Unstyled said...

This looks beautiful! I was actually in Acton today visiting a client and I noticed there were some cool studio spaces around. I'm a bit jealous!

Michele Alfano said...

Lots of luck in your new offices!!
~Michele of Mod Design Guru

Angela said...

Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!


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