Metro tiled Kitchens | 3 inspiring kitchens to achieve the look


Since I posted about this shop converted into a home, I have been thinking about metro tiles. I think they are a great option to update a kitchen on a small budget as tiling a single wall is sufficient to make an impact. My favourite is the first one below. 
The black and white contrasting scheme feels modern and contemporary while the wooden units and pendant lights add a relaxed vibe to the room. With its copper finish, the Kant lamp would be perfect to achieve a similar look. Same goes for the Kathleen Hills black pendant lights that come in different shapes (I have used them in our kitchen in France)
On the opposite site of the monochromatic spectrum, Photographer Paul Massey went for an all-white kitchen displaying white pots and pans and using distressed wood to give it a country style look - the result is a room that is airy and welcoming.
The third one (which is from a home in Australia) is clean, sleek but is a bit too predictable for me, however I love the metro tiles against the concrete worktop - a combo that I would have pushed further. 
Which look do you prefer?

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Depuis que j'ai posté cet article sur ce magasin qui avait été transformé en maison, j'ai beaucoup pensé aux carreaux de métro qui sont toujours une bonne solution pour créer une cuisine au look un peu industriel. Ma préférée est la première qui avec sa gamme monochromatique de noir & blanc, donne un style moderne et contemporain, mais qui en meme temps, adoucit par le bois utilisé sur les unités de cuisine et la facon désinvolte d'accrocher les suspensions. Avec sa finition en cuivre, la lampe Kant est parfaite pour obtenir un résultat similaire. Pareil pour les suspensions noires de Kathleen Hills qui sont disponibles en plusieurs formes. Je les ai utilisé dans notre cuisine en France.
A l'opposé du spectrum, le photographe anglais Paul Massey a préféré opter pour une cuisine toute blanche en mettant en valeur pots et casseroles blancs et en repeignant tous les meubles chinés dans des brocantes en blanc - le résultat est un style un peu country style mais très aéré et accueillant. La troisième cuisine (d'une maison en Australie) est simple, moderne mais elle manque un peu de personnalité je trouve, par contre j'adore les carreaux métro contre le plan de travail en ciment - une combinaison que j'aurais accentuée. Laquelle préférez-vous?


Greer said...

I am completely obsessed with metro tiles! I think all those years commuting on the tube have finally got to me ;-)

BODIEandFOU concept store said...


samantha Stansbridge said...

my favorite is photo 3, I like the high ceiling, the natural wooden beams give the warmth needed in white rooms.

vosges paris said...

ALthough I loved Pauls kitchen for years I think number 1 is my favorite.... I am still thinking on adding those lamps above my table in this way But I can;t decide to really do it, must be a no go area then maybe!

BODIEandFOU concept store said...

@vosgesparis I woul keep you Ay Illuminate light as it it's just perfect!

Anna Kirsen said...

I love the Tube tiles. I wish I had the fortitude to leave the upper space uncluttered but I just know I would be hanging woks and ladles in the upper reaches in no time at all!

kitchen mixer said...

cool pics..its pretty lovely and i was looking on it, i already have an idea on what is best for my kitchen that would look good also..

Alice said...

Those tiles look fabulous! It is amazing what a difference tiles can make to a room and these have such a great look. As always with tiles it is important that they are installed correctly as badly installed tiles don't look good, it's always best to spend a little bit more for the right equipment to get them looking perfect!

Modern worktops in Hertfordshire said...

All the pictures are superb.I like all of them.


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