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While I'm in France by the sea, I thought I would try to make the most of my week there and run like the wind...My objective was to lose 3 to 5 kg by the time we are on holidays mid-August but as I'm writing this, I realise that 5 may be unrealistic in 4 weeks unless I starve myself but 3 is achievable.
I ran 8K yesterday, 10K this morning and I'm hoping to keep the good work. Interestingly enough, I read that on top of working out and having a healthy, balanced diet, it also helps to listen to a relaxation tape in the evening to visualise your weight loss so I found this one
I thought his voice was a bit intense to start with but it got better when the music started and now I really enjoy listening to his voice convincing my sub-conscious to stay away from chocolate and other things I tend to indulge in.
And if you need to visualise your forthcoming, fit and beautiful figure, check out North (image 2). It is a Danish brand that makes sexy swimming gear and their beaches section is pretty inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Yes you can... I'm sure (I didn't check really just a feeling) I've lost quite 2 last weekend in south of France... just because we don't eat some stuff... let's show "after"!!

Meriluis said...


dervla @ The Curator said...

yayy good for you with the running, i love that feeling when it no longer becomes a chore but gets kind of addicting! That first swimsuit photo is enough to make me lay off the chocolate after lunch. Thanks!

Fitness Food And Style said...

Seriously!! All it takes is clean eating and 15 minutes per day! That's how I got my body back after 4 babes and can't wait to get into these kini's THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! I'll just need the double padding as my top department has all gone now that I am back to pre baby weight!


PS: well done with your running, I have just started and am not a huge fan (only bcos I am not good at it) besides it's on my BEFORE I TURN 40 goal sheet, to complete a 6km fun run!


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