Breakfast styling


I'm trying a few things before Le photographe arrives to put the last shots to bed...and before 10 New-Zealanders invade our home for a kiwi BBQ.
This is for the back cover of our SS/12 catalogue which will feature the beautiful Rob Ryan plates but I'm late so will carry on after the BBQ


Lau de Casalil said...

love the 2 last ones... and the 1st too... even if less S/S mood!!

janavalachovicova said...

like it soo much! And always like th esecrets in your pics! Like the girl watched TV during the shots and now this dog sleeping bellow the table! :) perfect. And like too much natural calming mood with light blue!

ARevier said...

beautiful photographs -- and the dog! Is that an Australian Shepherd? We brought our red merle Australian Shepherd over with us when we moved to London. She looks just like this dog. I wish they could meet!

BODIEandFOU concept store said...

@ARevier Thanks and yes Lucas is a red merle Australian Shepherd too :-) Where do you live? We could organise a playdate :-))


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