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I would love to attend this Styling Master Class at Beckmans with Emma and a few other friends. They have all done an amazing jobs in styling still life. They are all beautiful but my favourite are these three from Amanda RodriguezAnna Gorecki and Emma's because of the contrast and the use of typography.
I can't wait to experiment Still Life styling but for the time being, I'm very excited to be working on the BODIE and FOU SS/12 catalogue. Styling for a catalogue is a bit different from styling practice or styling for a magazine as I have to use mostly products from the store to fit the story we are writing but then this gorgeous Only As print, Feathers print and Rabbit lamp look brilliant together, don't they?! 
The SS/12 catalogue will be very different from the first one but it's going to be really, really nice!

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emma ::emmas designblogg:: said...

Thank you so much for the link and for showing my still life here! I'm so happy to hear that you like it!

Tibs said...

I'd like to have that white bunny!
It's so cute and it would match perfectly for the Easter decoration.

Lots of greetings,

vosges paris said...

very cool styling the rabbit really fits in with the black cross poster!

vosges paris said...

voted! I have mailed with 4 of the six judges lol!


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