In the shop this week: The BAU pendant light


It is not often that I look at a suspension lamp and think "yes this is it, this will transform my room'
I had this with Kathleen Hills cluster light which we have now in our bedroom in London and in our house in France  and the Koushi lamp that I made for our lounge (waiting for new Paola Navone sofa to arrive to show you everything) but that's how I felt when I saw the BAU pendant light.
Designed by Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt the BAU* Pendant Lamp by Normann Copenhagen is a striking and sculptural lampshade that combines geometric shapes, composition and creativity that suits both minimalistic interiors and more daring houses.

Based on interlocking geometric wooden circles, sticking out in all directions, the immediate pattern of the BAU Pendant Lamp is  BAU is broken up by the discs' colours, sizes and off-centre linkages, making the lamp living and organic in its expression.
Personally I prefer the natural version because I like white and wood in my home but the coloured version looks great too.
*means construction in German.


FrenchByDesign said...

Magnifique! La version en bois brut est divine!

Moniek said...

Love all the design products of Normann Copenhagen. Thank you for sharing

Room Designer said...

Thanks you from the bottom of my heart, People can visit these beautiful collections around the world, through internet.

e-garderobe said...

Lovely. Thank you for sharing also the sofa name/designer.

Homeblog said...

This is not easy to make this hanging pendant light. It looks outstanding.


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