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Last day at school for Mila, last day at work for me...
Me grabbing her royal blue trousers from COS: "What about these?? havent worn them for ages"
Mila: "No I don't want to"
Me: "Oh come on! I can turn them up and make you look really cool in it"
Mila: "I don't want to look cool, I want to look pretty and for that I need a skirt and some tights"

Mila and I are flying to New-Zealand tonight to meet Steve in Hong-Kong and carry on our journey together to Auckland. 
I can't wait to switch off. I look terrible and I seriously need to go back running, drinking water and eat healthily but this has been by far the most full on, enjoyable and most rewarding year: a new/first mail order catalogue (on issuu here), some amazing feedback, great pressour own App on iTunes (you can download it for free here), My Interior Life in Living Etc and days at work with a great, new team that have been hugely fun. 
I wish you all a fantastic, relaxing, enjoyable Christmas break with your friends and family. xoxo 
Shanna Murray wall should really get these for your home and this new print that makes me laugh

In the shop this week: Whisky glasses by Normann Copenhagen


and they are seriously cool...

Like the Cognac glasses which have been one of our best-sellers for the past 5 years, the Whisky glasses by Normann Copenhagen make great gift for all the men in your life and are perfect for any festive occasions from weddings, to anniversaries and house warming parties, etc.
From a design point of view, they are also different from the average standard whisky glasses as they have been designed to enhance the pleasure of drinking whisky.
They are surprisingly heavy and feel good in your hand so all in a all, a great gift for men
Whisky glasses: Exclusively available from BODIE and FOU
£35.50 for a set of 2
PS: We received hundreds of pre-orders since the launch of catalogue which have now all been processed in a record time given the volume we had to deal with in addition to all the order Christmas orders


with a mention for our concept store as one of the few stockists :-)
Our last CV batch arrived last night, pre-orders have been sent, the black foldover clutch bag is now sold out but there is one orange left, only 2 of this gorgeous gray neon clutch left, a few messenger bags in black, navy and gray and 3 pretty leather wrist wraps (I have one and it goes with pretty much everything!) La Tropezienne in 5" (see below) is now sold out and the 8" is running seriously low.

Pack what you want...ermm but not quite


Packing Mila's suitcase... 
Me: "Can you put in a pile all your favourite Summer dresses please....Non, not this one, I don't like it"
Mila: "But it's my favourite one and your maman bought it for me"
Me: ""Yeah I know but I don't like it"
Mila: "What!!??? You're saying you don't like what your maman bought! I'm gonna tell her"
New-Zealand D-2

My Interior life in Living Etc


So proud...and so tired too, I'm beyond exhausted. 
Thursday, Mila and I are flying off to New-Zealand to join Steve and then it will be about 3 weeks of Sea, Sex and Sun hanging out in Waihi Beach and Raglan to learn how to surf and make babies...well at least one...
So if I'm lucky, 2012 I will look like a whale again!

Rabbit lamp ♥♥♥

Yesterday, my friend Mandy, Acland came around so we could finally meet Isla who is just the most gorgeous little thing!
Mandy reminded me that during the first year of the business when we were packing orders from my flat in Bristol while looking after Mila, we used to stuff our faces with chocolate muffins to cope with the volume of orders and the stress of running a small business and we used to tell Mila that 'chocolate' was called something else so she wouldn't tell her dad that we were eating chocolate during the day...Mwouahahahah

Back to the boutique... the large mushroom lamp and the Rabbit lamp are now back in stock but the Rabbit lamp is flying off. We received 15 of them on Friday and minus the pre-orders, we have now only 6 left. Once gone they'll be back in 2012.
Did you know? The Rabbit lamp is handmade in Germany and the company that manufactures them has been using the same mould since the 1960s. Sweet, isn't it?!

BODIE and FOU Christmas Guide {Stylish gifts under £20}


Quite a few items from our Christmas Guide {Stocking fillers under £20} have now sold out but we've also added new, pretty things to our collection so here is an updated version of stylish gifts under £20.


Prouvé RAW

Steve is a G-Star RAW man which suits me fine because he looks very handsome in their clothes and I love how manly yet stylish their cuts are (which is why the Jules leather bag will be perfect for him!).
We went there on Saturday to get him a new pair of trousers before he flew to New-Zealand and I picked up their in-store mag to see the latest campaign shot by Anton Corbijn but then discover the special collaboration between the Jean Prouvé Foundation, Vitra and G-Star RAW.
Prouvé, a forefather of the modernist movement and trailblazer for the machine age, was a metalsmith, engineer, maunfacturer and architect who in his lifetime would design anything from bookshelves to bicycles to buildings. His success would be in uniting honest materials, functional requirements with the complex demands of mass production.The result of this amazing collaboration between the Prouvé Foundation and G-Star is a collection of 15 pieces that channels Prouvé's original intentions in terms of quality and functionality while also bringing the designs up to date with new materials and manufacturing technology
This Special Edition was exhibited during the Summer in the Fire Station designed by Zaha Hadid on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein and is now available in selected Vitra retailers around the world.

BODIE and FOU Christmas guide {Clare Vivier collection}


I'm very excited because we managed to get our hands on a few more Clare Vivier clutches, bags and wrist wraps just before Christmas including the new foldover clutch bag neon that I have been coveting for a while (the aqua & neon will be in stock in 2012). This is a very small batch so I have added the number in stock below. Once they are sold out, they will be back in 2012 as it is now late to get new stock before Christmas.

La Tropezienne tote bag: £229.99 (3 x 5" straps and 8 x 8" straps) | NEW! Foldover clutch bag grey & neon: £125 | foldover clutch bag: £115 (1 x black pebble, 1 x orange) | mini sac: £120 (1 x black, 2 x red, camel & navy in 2012) | Oversize clutch bag blue pebble: £145 | Gold flat work tote: £130 (2) | Messenger bag in navy, black and grey: £250 (about 2/3 in each colour) | wrist wrap: £45 (3)

FREE BODIE and FOU App on iTunes


That's it! 
If you have an iPad, please download now to flick through it. It is incredibly easy to use and will make your online Christmas shopping a totally different and pleasure experience!

And a big thank you to Pilkington Bedwell, the company that put together this fab App for us.

In the shop this week: the Jules plumber bag


This gorgeous leather bag was one of our key pieces in our ever expanding collection for men and while I appreciate it is an expensive bag and not for everyone's budget, it is also a very-well made leather bag. 
Designed for urban life and to carry laptops and iPads, the design of the Jules leather bag
is inspired by the original French plumber bag and has all the key features of the original plumber bag: overlapping stitching, removable handles, straps, brass buckles, leather shoulder strap with a belt finish and felt shoulder pad lining.
This is the kind of solid, practical and stylish bag, men will like and personally what seduced me was all the details that make this bag:
....where the buckles are from
...the fact they use felt for the shoulder pad from a factory that has specialized in felt for pianos since 1923
...or that each bag is signed by the Artisan who made it...
...the quality of the leather
It is a bag with a legacy of skills and craftmanship and it's the bag that Steve will get for Christmas or his Birthday...since they are both in December.
The Jules plumber bag is available in black (my favourite) and moka (the most popular)

PS: So you know, we'll be offering FREE Intl deliveries to all orders going to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherlands from tomorrow until Sunday. Check out our Facebook page for details

A partir de demain...

BODIE and FOU Christmas Guide {Beautiful gifts for babies}


This week will be very much focused on gifts for children (from 0 to 17 years old) starting today with beautiful gifts for babies so make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy because they are so really lovely things coming up :-)
My personal favourite is the Angel babygro which Mila is wearing it here.
She was 18 months old at the time. Since then, we have sourced a lot of beautiful things from young designers around Europe including these two handmade collections by Kayatine and Pigmée

♥ NORM Architects/RAFT collection

I have already mentioned my love for the work of Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from NORM Architects when I posted about the Fredensborg home, this gorgeous Copenhagen penthouse and recently about the beautiful MILK lamp they designed for &Tradition.
Well, as we say in France..."Quand on n'aime on ne compte pas" (when we love we don't count), so here is a sneak peek of our 2012 collection with the RAFT collection they also designed for &Tradition.
The RAFT collection was inspired by the contrasting surfaces of corroded wood ageing and industrial metal structures often found in docks or shipyards except that the boys have taken a modern Scandinavian approach to create a collection of stools and tables that combine simplistic purity with a discreetly aged look.
I love that type of ageing wood, don't you? 
Sometimes a simple, old piece of wood can make a beautiful decorative object, same with rusty things. A while back, Steve found a big old shackle (just learnt a new English word today!) and the piece was so rusty that it makes a really pretty decorative piece on my bookshelf. Anyway...I love the stools especially the contrast of brass and sandblasted wood on the barstool version.
Have a great Sunday, I'm off chez le Swedish to get more picture frames for these.

Lust-have leather bags for her


Wow, our leather bags have been hugely popular this Christmas! I mean La Trop is always a success but I didn't expect so many orders for the Plumber bag and it's great because I really enjoyed sourcing stylish things for him so I shall carry on...
Today, more tan La Tropezienne tote bags are off to stylish homes in England, France, Belgium and the USA but so you know, we are starting to run really low on stock of the tan version and there is only one black La Trop left now.
Once they are sold out, they will be back in stock at the end of Jan./beg of Feb. 2012. Due to the volume of orders and the leather being imported from Italy, Clare's studio now needs about 6 to 8 weeks turnaround to make them.

We've also received 4 new leather plumber bags in moka for men but 3 are already being shipped to the UK and Norway. We should be getting 2 or 3 more in a week and given how popular they have been, we may also add the lady version which has the same design but slightly smaller.

We also have about 3 foldover clutch bags left from Clare Vivier, a few mini sacs, a few gold or silver laptop bags and 1 black messenger bag and 1 grey. Enjoy!

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs

Exactly my kind of thinking...and we have to appreciate the little things that happens on a daily basis.
Last weekend, I was in COS buying a knitted scarf. I was already at the till ready to pay when the sales assistant behind the counter took the scarf from me and said "Oh that will look really nice on you"
I mean how nice is this?
One day, when we have a BODIE and FOU shop, that's the kind of person I want to have around, someone that sends good vibes just because.
Yesterday we got some really nice and positive feedback from customers but my favourite is this one:
"BODIE and FOU is wonderful, I love that they've collected a large selection of amazing unique products and made them available to all. The delivery was excellent, arrived much quicker than I expected and very well packaged as I had the Mima Le Chat print, House Doctor DK candles and MT tape. I'll definitely buy from them again.
Product : Mima Le Chat print is a really good quality print with great detail that is appreciated up close. Printed on nice paper too. Very much worth the money. I adore it."
Have a great day!

PS: Oh and if you're interested, I'm now blogging for Interiors UK. My posts will cover topics such as how to build up awareness of your brand, how to use social media to connect with your customer base, how to achieve excellent customer service, and how to get featured regularly in the UK and international press and you can read my first post here



A few years back, Steve gave me a book that changed things.... The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
It was a book about architecture and the values of vision and integrity. It made me look at architecture in a different way...more appreciative and only the man I would spend my life with, would be deep enough to read such book and would want to share it with me.
I don't know why but this house in Sweden, designed by Elding Oscarson reminded me why I love architecture and that also I should read The Fountainhead again.

We broke up...{Life with Mila}

Last weekend, Mila announced us she was in love with Gabriel...
Last night, she showed us a nice drawing of a boy and a girl holding hands
Me: "Is this you and Gabriel?"
Mila: "No we broke up"
Me: "What?! You broke up?! But you told us you were in love with him over the weekend"
Mila: "Yeah but I prefer Christian, he is funnier and he is in the girls' team"
Guys...if you want to hold onto a girl more than 3 days, be funny!

Here are some better photos, François took of Mila's bedroom
Handmade garland by Pigmée | Shanna Murray wall sticker | Handmade doll by Pigmée (size 2 & 3 are now sold out & will be back in 2012)  

Le weekend dernier, Mila nous a annoncé qu'elle était amoureuse de Gabriel...
Hier soir, elle nous a montré un joli dessin d'une petite fille et d'un garcon se tenant la main
Moi: "Est ce que c'est toi et Gabriel?"
Mila: "Non on s'est séparé"
Me: "Quoi?! Vous vous etes séparés?! Mais tu nous as dit que tu étais amoureuse de lui le weekend dernier"
Mila: "Yeah mais je préfere Christian, il est plus drole et il est dans l'équipe des filles"
Les garç vous voulez garder une fille plus de trois jours, il va falloir etre drole! 

Voici de plus belles photos de la chambre de Mila prises par François.

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