Happy Halloween!


Gosh, I love this kitchen!

She said after spending her Sunday painting her daughter's inside cupboards in bubble gum pink while catching up on Superior Interiors listening to Kelly Hoppen (who by the way has a very calming voice)
But it is true, this is the kind of pare down, minimalist, natural interiors that I like and the kind of soft industrial look I would like to achieve in our kitchen blending natural materials such as wood, linen, stone and ceramic. Elodie has a similar old farm table in her home in Paris which she dresses with a couple of linen runners we used to have in the boutique and it's just beautiful. Entertaing friends in this space must be bliss...I love the natural light, the simplicity of the pendant lights, the carefully selected B&W art print.
via NNZ Domizil

Dit-elle apres avoir passé son Dimanche à peindre l'interieur des placards de sa fille en rose bonbon tout en regardant Superior Interiors et en écoutant Kelly Hoppen (qui a par ailleurs, une voix très calmante)
Mais c'est vrai, c'est le genre d'intérieurs, minimals, calmes, naturels, que j'aime et le genre de look semi-industriel mais chaleureux que j'aimerais donner à notre cuisine en mélangeant des matériaux naturels tel que le bois, la pierre, le lin, la céramique. Elodie a une table similaire à celle-ci chez elle, qu'elle habille avec deux chemins de table en lin que nous avions avant dans la boutique et c'est juste d'une beauté toute simple et parfaite. Avoir des amis à diner dans cette espace doit etre un vrai bonheur...J'adore toute cette lumière naturelle, la simplicité des lampes suspendues au-dessus du comptoir, l'illustration en N&B choisie avec le plus grand soin. 

Little creative project: Advent calendar


As Mila is back from her French holidays on Wednesday, I'm busy making some changes to her bedroom to surprise her and as I took down the Bird Clothes pegs I was using in her bedroom to display her drawings, I'm going to make an advent calendar with them and some paper brown bags I got from my local convenient store. I don't know how it will look in the end but if it doesn't work out, we still have this lovely Advent calendar from Noix de Coc'. Have a great Sunday!

Comme Mila rentre de France mercredi, je me dépeche de finir les petits changements que j'apporte à sa chambre pour lui faire une surprise et comme j'ai décroché les pinces à linge oiseaux que j'utilisais pour accrocher tous ses jolis dessins, je vais également commencé un calendrier de l'Avent avec les pinces à linge et des petits sacs en papier récupérés à l'épicerie d'à coté. Je ne suis pas encore sure du resultat mais si c'est trop nul, de toutes facons, nous avons toujours le calendrier de l'Avant de Noix de Coc'. Bon Dimanche!



I just received a google alert on BODIE and FOU that led me to this!
BODIE and FOU Le Blog voted TOP 20 BEST INTERIOR BLOG by The Telegraph
Gosh I could hug the guy who wrote this!
This is incredible and I'm over the moon! What a great way to end the week. Congratulations also to Holly, Emma, Julie and Victoria and everyone else listed!
"Karine Candice is a French expat living in London who shares her inspirations, life and all-round creative ingenuity with the world via this blog. Go to the My Home section and sigh at the beauty of her residences (note the plural there). Then click on other links to check out the wonders she’s worked in different rooms - the naff old kitchen cupboards that she has transformed with black paint and a stainless-steel worktop, the charcoal-grey daughter’s nursery, the old pallet turned into a chic (no, really) coffee table."
Have a great weekend! xoxo

Inspiring moodboard


Nadine, a customer from Sweden recently sent us a very complimentary email about BODIE and FOU, how much she loved the workspace section from our catalogue, how much she loved her Girls Fashion Style book by Paumes and how much she was driving her husband crazy with all her ideas. Now I can relate to this because I do the same with Steve but girls... it pays off to keep throwing ideas at them because eventually they rub on them. When you will see soon what we are doing to our entrance door, you'll understand that my 'All Blacks' supporter has come a long way!
Nadine sent us also this gorgeous moodboard and the pink cross she made (left bottom corner) with our cosmos pink masking tape. Isn't this gorgeous!? I absolutely love it. Please send me more moodboards like this everyone!
This wasn't it. 
Nadine also sent me a very personal message expressing how much she believed big and great things would happen to me with B&F, how the business was going to grow, how I would stretch to a new level and unfold new talents (stylism maybe). I hope so...
Her message touched me a lot because honestly there isn't a week when I don't have doubts or fears - not so much fear of failure but more fear of losing the company I created and that gives me a great amount of joy (that is when I'm not consumed by fear :-). Even if everybody's feedback about the catalogue has been tremendous, I worry it is not going to be a commercial success and when you run a business, unfortunately it is something that matters.
The only thing that makes the difference is when I have doubts, I don't give up. Each week I try to focus on the good things, on the achievements and turn them into omens. I see running a business as running a marathon...you need stamina, self-motivation, focus so you go back on the horse each time you fell off. I often fell off the flipping wagon. I don't walk around like I'm this big shot full of confidence but I also believe in myself and my abilities to make it happen. I also think that self-doubts are often not founded on anything. They are just there so you kind of have to acknowledge them, accept them and move on and I want to say to Nadine and to all of you who take the time to leave comments or send an email, that I keep all these kind, supportive emails so thank you!

EST magazine ♥♥♥

The new issue of EST magazine is out. I'm really loving the front cover shot by Marjon and styled by Anouk, actually I think I like everything these two talented girls style/shot together. Check out the other pictures they took inspired by their last trip to Paris...very inspiring!
And big thank you to EST for the wonderful write-up about the BODIE and FOU blog and Kelly Hoppen for her wonderful post here

In the shop this week: Tokyo Home Ateliers by Editions PAUMES


Tokyo Home Ateliers, the new book from Editions PAUMES has arrived! 
I was eagerly waiting to flick through this one because since we now stock all the books from Editions Paumes and MT masking tapes, I would love to create more of a Japanese corner here - Japanese designs are such a great source of inspiration and so different from what we see in Europe...
Tokyo Home Ateliers is a wonderful trip in the world of 17 artists and designer-makers (all women) based in Tokyo. Illustrators, bag makers, button designer, baby shoe designer...each studio featured will give you something back, some inspiration, a creative idea to replicate, a mood to follow. 

There is also Bureaux a la maison to create inspiring workspaces, Children's rooms in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London and Paris to get ideas for the kids bedrooms , London Family Style in which our family got featured (the house has changed a lot since then), Paris Creative couples (really cool one) and many more.
As always, each book from Editions PAUMES is a pure wonder, a little goldmine of creativity and inspiration. I love them, always loved them and will always love them! La voila!
Tokyo Home Ateliers, le petit dernier des Editions PAUMES est arrivé! Il me tardait de le feuilleter celui-ci parce que depuis que nous stockons tous les livres des Editions Paumes et le ruban adhésif japonais MT, j'aimerais bien créer un petit coin japonais ici - les dsigns du Japon m'inspirent et ils sont tellement différents du style Européen...
Tokyo Home Ateliers est un merveilleux petit voyage dans le monde de 17 artistes et créateurs (que des filles) basées a Tokyo. Illustratrices, designer de sacs, de boutons, de chaussures pour bébés...chaque studio montré dans le livre vous apportera quelque chose, de l'inspiration, une idée a recréer a la maison, une atmosphere...
Il y a aussi Bureaux a la maison pour créer  des coins bureaux qui inspirent, Children's rooms a Copenhagen, Stockholm, London et Paris pour trouver pleins d'idées pour les chambres des enfants, London Family Style dans lequel ma petite famille figure (la maison a bien changé depuis le photoshoot), Paris Creative couples (j'aime beaucoup celui-ci) et pleins d'autres.
Comme toujours, chaque livre est une pure merveille, une petite mine de créativité et d'inspiration. Je les adore, je les ai toujours aimé et je les aimerais toujours! La voila!

Axel Vervoordt's home

This is the home of belgian designer: Axel Vervoordt which frankly is a pure beauty and exactly the kind of spaces I found calming. Although I think I would need some kind of workspace somewhere in the house, where I could put moodboards on the wall and go crazy with images and MT masking tapes!

Xmas wishlist: La Tropezienne tote bag


So once again, we ran out of La Tropezienne tote leather bag in the tan version (featured on page 3 of our catalogue*). However, we still have a few left in black here.
The good news is that we should be getting new stock by this end of this week BUT this is the last batch we will get for 2011 so if you want one for Christmas, I strongly recommend you (from experience) to use BODIE and FOU wishlist and email it to your husband, partner, mum etc to order one before they run out because they will sold out before Christmas, without a doubt!
Et voila encore une fois, nous sommes a court du Tropezienne tote leather bag dans sa version marron (vu en page 3 de notre catalogue*). Mais il y en a encore quelques uns en noir ici.
La bonne nouvelle c'est que nous devrions en recevoir d'autres d'ici la fin de la semaine MAIS ce sera la derniere livraison pour 2011 donc si vous souhaitez en recevoir un pour Noel, je vous recommende de l'ajouter votre BODIE and FOU wishlist et de l'envoyer a votre mari, concubin, maman etc pour qu'ils le commandent avant que ce soit trop tard parce qu'ils se vendront tous d'ici Noel sans le moindre doute!

Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme

A house is really silent without a child...
Yesterday: Day off for Steve and I to spend time with Mila...
Babycinno and pain au chocolate for breakfast...
A trip to the cinema to see Mr Popper's penguins...
A surprise Batgirl costume hidden in her suitcase...
Le Chat rolled in a tube for a friend...
Little slices of banana cake to eat in the plane and she was off...
10 days in France to be a grand-child, to be loved and spoiled.

This morning, I discovered the work of Aline Diépois and Thomas Gizolme, two Artistic Directors and Photographers that live and work together and I'm in love with their work.
The atmosphere, the childhood memories, the slight touch of melancholy that come out of their photography touch me. It was the same sensitivity that appealed to me when I was admiring the lookbook of Zef and I know why now.
Aline and Thomas make wonderful images, a beautiful book that is now on my wishlist, inspiring video (Take me anywhere) and my world... a more peaceful and beautiful place.
C'est tres silencieux une maison sans enfant...
Hier: Steve et moi avions pris la journée off pour etre avec Mila...
Babycinno et pain au chocolat au petit déj...
Une petite excursion au cinéma pour voir Mr Popper's penguins...
U cadeau surprise sous la forme du costume de Batgirl caché dans sa valise...
Le Chat roulé dans un tube pour une amie...
Des petites tranches de banana cake pour manger dans l'avion et puis elle est partie...
10 days en France pour etre une petite-fille aimée et gatée par ses grand-parents.

Ce matin, j'ai découvert le travail d'Aline Diépois et Thomas Gizolme, deux directeurs artistiques et photographes qui vivent et travaillent ensemble et j'adore leur travail.
L'atmosphere, les mémoires d'enfance, la petite touche de mélancolie qui se dégagent de leurs photos me touchent. C'était la meme sensibilité que j'admirais dans le lookbook de Zef et je sais maintenant pourquoi.
Aline et Thomas créent de jolies images, un beau livre qui est maintenant sur ma wishlist, une vidéo qui inspire (Take me anywhere) et ils rendent mon petit monde... un peu plus calme et beau.

I love this!


As mentioned here, I'm totally in love with the new leather shopper bags we received. The one in matte black leather is just stunning but a part of me really really want the gold one! Especially since I've spent the afternoon answering an interview about my perfect New Year's Eve for Living Etc...I'm so excited!

Congratulations to New-Zealand


We are a Franco-Kiwi household you see so this morning Steve, who has been diligently getting up early these last few weekends to watch the rugby, was explaining to Mila that New-Zealand was playing Vs France in the rugby final.
Mila: "cool - I hope one of them win"  
:-) Well she was right! Congrats to all the Kiwis out there!!
Having half of my family from New-Zealand, frankly I was happy with any outcome...

Happy thoughts for the weekend...


What are you up to this weekend?
I had so much to deal with these last few days that I think I will take it easy and spend as much time with Mila before she flies to my mum's for half-term and on Sunday night, Steve is taking me to this!! I've never been to one so it should be quite fun.
This past week was quite strange for me.
On one hand, we launched our first mail order catalogue and got some really fantastic feedback from everyone via Facebook Twitter ("Much excitement in the interiors blogosphere about the new catalogue") and some very kind, touching and encouraging blog posts from Decor8, Bright.Bazaar, sfgirlbybay, Style Files, Casalil, Heart Home magazine, Vosges Paris and Poppy talk.
On the other hand, I had to deal with bad news on the family front but my Dad doesn't seem to worry too much for the time being and he keeps himself busy with DIY jobs, a real trooper! So the mood is picking up. We had kit-kat & champagne in the office tonight :-) and now that everyone has gone home, I'm thinking that really, I'm lucky to have such a good team around me. It really makes a difference when you have a team of fun, passionate, positive-thinking people around you.

Talking of which, we all got quite excited today by a conversation we had with Ruta40 and are thinking of organizing a private wine tasting/Fashion event (45 people only) in Covent Garden where people could taste some great wines available at Ruta40 while checking out BODIE and FOU Fashion collection which includes our best-seller La Tropezienne tote bag by Clare Vivier, her gorgeous clutch bags but also our new men bags and our new beautiful shopper bags by Heidi's and the limited edition collection of flat clutches she is putting together for us.
Frankly a girls' night with WINE + FASHION, we can't think of a better evening! Let me know if this is of interest to you. It will probably take place at the end of November

♥♥♥ Inspired by Emmanuelle Alt, Paris, London, Fashion


As Elodie lives in Paris and I live in London, I wanted the BODIE and FOU catalogue to reflect this cosmopolitan vibe and inspiration we both get from living in two great cities hence....Elodie's Style File/Paris (p. 6 & 7) and Karine's Style File/London (p 4 & 5).
I truly enjoyed putting them together because they are personal (we share places we love the most in both cities, our favourite things from our collection and a few styling tips for a happy, stress-free Christmas).
I also got a few, gorgeous contributions from Vosges Paris (in the shape of her Parisian moodboards) and beautiful shots from Marjon Hoogervorst and I can't thank them enough for responding to my request because their contributions really helped the pages to come together as I had envisioned them.
I'm hoping that if the catalogue is to become a regular thing, I will get the opportunity to do more things with like-minded people like these two fabulous ladies.
Today, we've received the leather shopper bags we sourced in Paris last time I went there. I can't tell you how gorgeous they are (simply stunning!), the leather is superb but unfortunately I think that although nice, the photos we have on the site really don't do any justice to the bag so I'm gonna try to re-shoot them and show them what they look like in a few days.
Comme Elodie vit à Paris et je vis à Londres, Je souhaitais que le catalogue BODIE and FOU refléte cette espèce d'inspiration cosmopolite que nous avons de ces deux villes géniales et donc ....Elodie's Style File/Paris (p. 6 & 7) et Karine's Style File/London (p 4 & 5).

J'ai adoré concevoir ces pages parce qu'elles sont personnelles (nous partageons nos endroits préférés sur Londres et Paris, nos objets préférés de la collection et puis quelques conseils pour un Noel heureux et sans-stress).
J'ai également eu la chance d'avoir de belles contributions de Vosges Paris (sous la forme de beaux moodboards que Desiree avait fait après son WE à Paris) et de belles photos de Marjon Hoogervorst et je les remercie du fond du coeur d'avoir répondu à ma demande parce que leurs contributions m'ont permis de peaufiner le concept et d'obtenir un résultat tel que je l'avais imaginé.

Si ce catalogue devient un projet régulier, j'espère avoir l'opportunité de travailler avec d'autres personnes sur la meme longueur d'onde que ces filles de talent.
Aujourd'hui, nous avons recu ces cabas en cuir que nous avons trouvé a Paris la dernière fois que j'y étais et ils sont absolument canons! Le cuir est superbe! Malheureusement les photos (bien que jolies) ne reflètent pas la qualité du cuir ou meme la taille du sac donc je vais essayer de les photographier et de vous les montrer dans quelques jours.

In the shop this week: the MILK lamp


I had a massive crush on the work of the work of Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from NORM Architects since I posted about their work last year. I love/admire the interiors they create and how they use raw, natural materials such as oak, stones, concrete to create homes that exude calm, beauty, simplicity
Do you remember how gorgeous the Fredensborg home and this Copenhagen penthouse were? Anyway, one crush leading to another....the gorgeous MILK lamp they designed for &Tradition is now in the the shop.
Like the interiors NORM. create, the MILK lamp for &Tradition exudes style and beauty and provides a cosy, soothing atmosphere as you can see from the last 2 pictures taken in Hotel Skt Petri in Copenhagen (I want to stay there next time I go to Copenhagen!).
Besides its simple lines, I love the contrast created by the white translucent glass of the shade and the legs made of oak and I could see it fitting nicely next to my pallet table and Paulistano chair.
Inspired by the traditional nordic milk stool, the MILK lamp is a versatile lamp that can be used as a table lamp or floor lamp near a low-level sofa.
You can see more beautiful table lamps here and the beautiful range from &Tradition
PS: Thanks to Jonas for sending me the sketches below. I really love seeing the drawing process and the end result.

J'ai eu un gros coup de coeur sur le travail de Kasper Rønn et Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, les deux architectes de NORM depuis les articles que j'ai posté sur le travail l'année derniere. J'adore/j'admire ces intérieurs qu'ils créent ent en utilisant des matieres brutes tel que le chene, la pierre, le ciment  pour concevoir des maisons qui respirent le calme, la beauté et la simplicité .

Vous souvenez-vous comment la maison Fredensborg et le penthouse de Copenhagen étaient beaux? Enfin bref, d'un coup de coeur a un autre...leur belle lampe MILK est maintenant dans la boutique.
Comme tous les intérieurs que NORM. crée, la lampe MILK exudes style et beauté et procure une douce ambiance calmant comme vous pouvez le voir dans les deux dernieres photos prises a l'Hotel Skt Petri a Copenhagen (Je veux rester dans cet hotel la prochaine fois que je vais a Copenhagen!).
A part ces lignes simples qui m'ont conquises, j'adore le contraste crée par le verre blanc translucide et les pieds de la lampe en chene et elle serait parfaite chez moi au coté de ma table basse et mon Paulistano.
Inspirée par le tabouret nordique de trait traditionnel, la lampe MILK est une lampe qui peut-etre utilisée comme lampe de table ou de sol pres d'un canapé bas.
Vous pouvez voir d'autres belles lampes ici
PS: Je remercie Jonas de m'avoir envoyé les dessins ci-dessus. J'adore voir le processus de création et ensuite le produit fini.

BODIE and FOU catalogue: the digital version


I'm very excited to see the digital version of our new catalogue! For those in the UK, if you haven't requested a copy yet, you can do so here.

Wonderful reviews

We already received some wonderful reviews about the BODIE and FOU catalogue so thank you very much to all of you. It means a lot to me and if you have done a post on our catalogue that I don't know about, by all means, let me know. Many thx

Be Amazing!

There is a reason why we keep posting positive, feel-good messages on Facebook, why I like collecting positive catchphrases and happy, uplifting images on Pinterest, why I push myself to always think positive whatever the situation, why I try to have a good laugh on a daily basis and do things that makes me happy.
It's because, even when everything is good in your life (like this wonderful, little catalogue we've produced and that you should request :-), shit happens and its important to train our minds on a daily basis to be positive, constantly.... to be able to deal with what life throws at us.
Yes sometimes life is unfair, sometimes life really sucks but overall I like to think we are pretty lucky and we should make the most of it.
I love this image at Chambers in San-Francisco, shot by The Rhoads and I wish I had a big shiny sign like this at home as a daily, positive reminder that I/we should live the life to its full and just BE AMAZING!

via Rue

Vintage filing cabinet love


Thank you for your lovely comments over the weekend...My Dad goes in hospital on 8th, will know better then.

A few years ago, Elodie sourced a beautiful vintage filing cabinet which successively has been used in her home as a kitchen cupboard (in Lille), a shoes cupboard (in Barcelona) and is now being used as a filing cabinet to store all the family papers in Paris. Eventually I found one for our home and this month, I also found one for the shop.
Last year, while Mila and I were making cards, I also made labels and allocated one drawer per family member including Lucas, which now allows me to store all our paperwork (bills, mortgage infos, insurance, Mila's drawings, Lucas' vet details etc) in one place rather than having them spread around the house... total bliss and it looks good!
Now that all our papers are sorted, the next thing I want to do is a gorgeous moodboard on the wall with masking tapes like Tine K did in her home (pic 1).

Il y a quelques années, Elodie trouva un très joli meuble de rangement en métal qui a été successivement utilisé comme placard de cuisine (à Lille), placard à chaussures (à Barcelone) et qui maintenant sert de meuble de rangement pour tous leurs papiers à Paris. J'ai fini par en trouver un aussi pour notre maison et ce mois-ci j'en ai également trouvé un pour B&F
L'année dernière, lorsque Mila et moi faisions des cartes, j'en ai profité pour faire des étiquettes et alloué un tiroir pour chaque membre de la famille, Lucas y compris, ce qui me permet maintenant de ranger tous nos papiers (factures, prets, assurances, les dessins de Mila, les trucs du vétérinaire pour Lucas, etc) dans un seul endroit plutot que d'avoir des papiers éparpillés dans la maison... que du bonheur et en plus c'est beau!
Maintenant que tous nos papiers sont triés, ce que j'aimerais faire c'est un beau moodboard avec du masking tapes comme Tine K l'a fait chez elle (pic 1).

Inspiring Sunday


I've said it last weekend but doing creative things is good for the soul. There is also something hugely comforting in being surrounded at home by things you've made yourself or carefully selected to create the room you had imagined.
As the temperature outside starts feeling like Winter, I'm having a quiet Sunday in our lounge surrounding by things I love and made...
my pallet table - a bit rough of the side - but if you want a more polished version, there is one here which is beautiful,
a cherished leather chair I love but whose colours of Autumn make me crave for  this one,
a little girl watching a movie with my headphones on,
the Koushi lamp I finished last weekend,
creative ideas for later and being inspired by this simple project (last pic) from Design Shimmer which would be great to do at work.

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