Happy Birthday to my beloved sister


From little sister...

to in-house teenage model...

to beautiful mother...

To fashion icon...

to business partner....

You are simply the best sister I could ever have.
You're inspiring, talented, smart, fun, kind, beautiful, hilarious and I love you.


Sexy hat!!

At the beginning of the month, Mila & I had the time of our lives after I bought her a very cool hat at the Galeries Lafayettes in Biarritz so of course, I couldn't resist this shot by Garance Dore... How hot is this girl??

Simple table setting for a wonderful Sunday roast

I love the term 'grown-up' don't you? My little girl Mila often uses it to talk about our friends and us and when she says it, it sounds super cool, like we can do everything we want, like we are on an amazing adventure where we can stay up late, be on the computer for hours, eat chocolate whenever we want, get money from the cashpoint....just like that!

So since I've became a grown-up, I have became an advocate of the 'less is more' concept at home. It's not always easy but then when I think about my mum who has two garages full of stuff she has been gathering from her numerous trips to the local flea markets and junk shops, I kind of find the motivation. She is at the point in her life where she now wants a airy, spacious home but sorting out her stuff is killing her, let alone knowing where to start.
So no.... it's not easy to get rid of the things we like but at the same time, sometimes it is a bit necessary.
French author Gustave Flaubert once wrote: "Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be original and violent in your work"
Although my home is far from being uncluttered (difficult to achieve the minimalist look with a 5 years old who has decided that a beautiful room is just not enough for her to spread her toys!), I find simplicity a very relaxing thing and somehow allows you to connect with the things that matter to you.

I think this simple table setting just get it right....an old wooden table, white china, vintage silver cutlery, linen table runner, some simple ceramic tea-lights, beautiful flowers and all you need is great food and great company....

We have friends coming over for a Sunday roast...so will give it to a go to achieve this beautiful table setting shot by Karen Mordechai

Next.....Bakery Brooklyn


Following this good address in Brooklyn, my friend Charlotte (who I'm hoping will soon be our NYC Contributor) sent me the website of this gorgeous bakery in Brooklyn

Bakeri's interiors is a mix of flea market finds with Parisian patisserie vibes...the kind of secret address you love to find like the ones featured in this book....The kind of place that is home from home, comfy, cosy where you would spend hours reading again a novel from Salinger, chatting with girlfriends and munching on yummy things except that unlike home, they have gorgeous pastries beautifully displayed on old and mistmatched china in pastel hues.

Pics from Nicolette Mason

Inspiring images by Karen Mordechai

My new photography love is Karen Mordechai.
I discovered her beautiful images on Sunday Suppers which is an inspiring class-cooking- dining experience, pairing friends and food where classes held in a waterfront loft in Brooklyn, NY and are taught by Local Chefs (on my growing list of things to do in NYC...well Brooklyn).
Photographer Michael Paul once explained to me that shooting food is not easy. You have to work fast as the heat of the spots can rapidly alter the look and colour of the food so it is best to work with natural light. Easier to say than do, especially if you're shooting during winter time but this did not prevent Karen Mordechai to come up with amazing shots.
Just looking at her amazing photos, I feel like eating and cooking and I think you will agree that her beautiful photography would encourage any 'wont cook/can't cook girl' to spend the day in her kitchen feeling like a Domestic Goddess.
Last year, Karen Mordechai shot a Winter party organised by Hatch Creative Studio, an event company which can throw some of the coolest parties in town and also cater for your wedding. This party was just full of amazing and inspiring little details...very elegant and yet totally whimsical. Hot chocolate shots, sweaters for picture frames and candles, cozy throws and mitten favors, a snowman booth with hats, mustaches and carrots for guests to play around, an eclectic collection of Medicine bottles hanging from birch behind the bar filled with snow from ski mountains around the country...Amazing but just see for yourself.

Beautiful photos of Paris by Alicia Bock


These beautiful, poetic images of Paris by Alicia Bock make me want to go back there....

You can buy her prints from her Etsy shop here. She has also a delightful blog with even more gorgeous images.

Little DIY project...painted bottles

I saw these lovely images and thought they would make a lovely project for a Summer party or a Birthday. It's one of the most simple DIY project I ever seen and one that is likely to make you feel satisfied.

All you need is any glass container (preserves jars, milk bottles) then pour a dollop of paint into the bottle and gradually rotate/swirl the paint inside until the paint coats the entire interior.
Best to do this on a plastic drop sheet or outside in case you drop some paint but other than that, it's pretty easy.

See before and after project below done on The Marion House book...It looks pretty neat doesn't it?!

Via Poppy Talk and House and Home (Canada) and Real Living (Australia)

Brook Farm General Store

This is for my friend Charlotte who lives in NYC and everyone else who dreams of their next trip to the big Apple (ME included!)...
I'm a big fan of shops that sell retro hardware like Labour & Wait, Baileys in London and Resonances in France.
There is something quintessentially simple, charming and reassuring about enamel mugs, carpenter pencils, vintage apple crates...especially when we live in a world when 5-years old know to use the Macbook of their parents with no tuition, where communication is mostly done through skype, twitter, blog and i-phone...
I think with all this technology around, somehow it's almost like a craving, a need to have things that connect us to the past, to life, to things that seem they have a story to them, places that do not seem to embrace new technology and to a certain extend it's good (unless you run a e-commerce site, then it's not good at all I tell you!).
Brook Farm General Store is on 75 South 6th Street in Brooklyn and is simply a beautiful shop that displays hardware and vintage pieces.

Elodie and I bought the same rubber ducks for Mila and Lily a few weeks ago in London (Chiswick). They look great and are made of natural rubber and hand-painted with non-toxic paints. I can't remember the name of the shop but I can find out if you are interested...
Photos by Karen Mordechai

Sweet treats...


Yum, Yum...or Miam-Miam as we say in French

Via White Cabana

The Selby's new book

Next book on my list is The Selby's new book. The Selby is Todd Selby, photographer who has a knack at shooting the most inspiring and creative homes. Do you remember Helena Christensen's NYC loft?? Yes inspiring it was and fabulous this book is....
Here is an interview via Urban Outfitters

Buy the book from here (US) and here (UK)
Click here to see a sneak preview
Via The Selby

Sunday morning yumminess: fromage blanc with berries


If you have friends over for a brunch this morning, you could make them fromage blanc served with berries....

32 ounces fromage blanc
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup good honey
4 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest
Vanilla seeds scraped from 1 vanilla bean
Stir the fromage blanc, cream, honey, vanilla extract, lemon zest, and vanilla seeds together in a medium bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Fill the bottoms of clean jars with honey (your favorite will do), and covered it with the fromage blanc.
Refrigerate until event.

Recipe courtesy of the Ina Garten. Via Sunday Suppers

The jars on the photo above are unfortunately discontinued but you may be interested in these pretty personalised jars

Your next best friend to go out..the Blackboard clutch


I'm loving this clutch bag by LT180...
You can write whatever you want on it...genre (like) "CALL ME" or "I LIKE YOU" which is quite handy if the guy in front of us is super shy...

It's sold with chalk & sponge and available from here

Creative workshop RRose Selavy in Paris

If I was living in Paris, I would go to RRose Selavy to learn how to knit, sculpt, play the piano, draw some mangas, make some mosaics and some (hopefully) pretty ceramics and a lot more...

RRose Selavy is a 300m2 beautiful, creative space located in the centre of Paris in what used to be artist workshops at the beginning of the century (so plenty of gorgeous windows like the one I loved at MERCI). They have classes for adults but also for children.

But since I'm in London, I recommend The Make Lounge, Prick Your Fingers, Make Do Mend

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