I love this...last one for the day :-)


but I had to post it otherwise I will spend hours trying to remember where I saw it!

I love how the mix of big letters and wobbly picture frames make this kitchen looking...well like a real home rather than a shot from a magazine. A demain!
Via Little Blue Deer


vosges paris said...

So a real home versus a shot from a magazine... haha we will discuss this in a few weeks ;)
It is a very lively kitchen, I like a little mess.

Bonnie said...

This picture is beautiful and shows so much personality. I love it.


ELLE Interiør said...

Love this home! We are showing it in the next issue of ELLE Interiør.

Lenoirrr said...

It is beautiful, lovely messy 'I feel at home kitchen' instead of the clean 'don't touch otherwise it gets dirty' feeling :)


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