One cool, must-have bracelet on my list.....


Christmas + Day 3...a very in-active afternoon which felt really good....
The boys are watching a DVD (after going to bed at 8am today that's all they can manage...), Mila and Lily are playing on the computer, Elodie is sewing a blouse for Lily supervised by her 'sewing' Jedi (our mum) while I was looking for inspiration to decorate Mila's bedroom in our new family house in London.
I'm looking at the pics I took over the past few many happy moments...
Christophe offered a beautiful La Trop bag and a leather wrist wrap by Clare Vivier to Bodie and after seeing this gorgeous bracelet on her, I know now that I will treat myself to one when we go back to work. When the stock arrived, they were so beautifully wrapped that I didn't dare to unwrap one in case I would do a crappy job to put it back but this bracelet is looking even more gorgeous in reality than on the photo.

About 'moi'


My name is Karine Candice. I'm the Founder and Creative Director of online concept store BODIE and FOU. I'm also a professional blogger and freelance interior stylist. 
I write about everything that inspires me (and makes me laugh) from interior design, photo styling, house tours, photography, kids stuff and DIY projects in our home in London (see photos on Pinterest here or there) and our holidays home in France (available for rentals).
While the family homes I create have probably a strong French vibe, they are mostly relax, child-friendly and aimed to be inspiring - mixing vintage finds with contemporary designs and linen fabrics. When it comes to decorating, I do not follow trends but I do follow my heart and guts feeling.
I'm from the South West of France (Bordeaux) and currently live in London with my husband Steve, a New-Zealander and our 7 years old freewi* (see Life with Mila here).

If you have any tips or would like more information about advertising options and ad rates, please email me at leblog(at)bodieandfou(dot)com

Please note that while I read all your emails, I don't always have the time to respond to all of them so I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Above (C) My Interior Life featured in Living Etc

"A little black book of interiors, with tips on how to recreate effortlessly stylish French chicVOGUE magazine
"Karine Candice is a French expat living in London who shares her inspirations, life and all-round creative ingenuity with the world via this blog. Go to the My Home section and sigh at the beauty of her residences (note the plural there). Then click on other links to check out the wonders she’s worked in different rooms - the naff old kitchen cupboards that she has transformed with black paint and a stainless-steel worktop, the charcoal-grey daughter’s nursery, the old pallet turned into a chic (no, really) coffee table. " The Telegraph

*Voted Top 20 Best Interiors blogs by VOGUE magazine (UK)
* Voted Top 10 French Inspired Style & Design blogs by Remodelista's correspondant (US)
* Voted Top 20 Best Interiors blogs by The Telegraph (UK)
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D'autres trucs...
BODIE and FOU Le Blog has been featured in VOGUE magazine, Easy Living, The Independent and TIMEOUT magazines.
I have also been featured and interviewed in Easy Living, The Independent newspaper and Time Out, La Petite Magazine and various blogs: Snoop, SFGirlbyBay, Bright Bazaar, PoppyTalk, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, etc.
My home in France has also been featured in numerous leading interior magazines and newspapers around the world

* Home Beautiful Australia - October 2010
* London Family Style by Editions Paumes (Japan)
* Casa Facile (Italian) - July 2010
* Saturday Telegraph - July 2010
* Junior magazine - June 2009
* Grand Designs - August 2008
* You magazine - August 2007

*Freewi: French mother/ Neo-Zelander father

Joyeux Noel et bonne annee


The last four weeks have been mental at the warehouse, we've been inundated by orders, more than we expected...and as a consequence we had to work from 8am until 11pm most days and weekends. I can't tell you how exhausted I was....
As soon as we closed BODIE and FOU for the holidays on Tuesday, I rushed home, gift-wrapped a few more presents and packed my bag as we were up the day after at 4am to catch our flight to France to spend the holidays with the family....I finally managed to have a good night sleep and slightly recovered but the last thing I feel doing is spending more time on my computer so I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous Christmas with your family.
I hope you get the chance to rest and have some quality time with the people you love!
Thank you for all your lovely comments, contributions and inspiration
Lots of love
Montage from the fabulous sfgirlbybay

Last chance to get 10% OFF your order at BODIE and FOU


We know you have the choice to shop anywhere and Elodie and I are always grateful to all the customers who trust us, take part in our adventure and keep making our dream come true.

As some of you know, on the third Thursday of each month, we kindly send a nice code to all our customers who have signed-up for our newsletter (see the last one here). In December, we will exceptionally move the date forward and send our lovely Xmas code on Thursday 10th December so if you have not signed up yet, do it now here!
And if you really need one good reason why you should sign up with us, here are 8 of them!

Joyeux Noel!!

BODIE and FOU Gift guide Part 4: Christmas Gifts for children


Here is BODIE and FOU Gift guide Part 4: Cool gifts for cool kids....
As you know, we are not massive fans of Barbie or Ben 10 themed toys for children. It doesn't mean that our girls don't have a few Barbie dolls they managed to get from their grandparents (and Mila was adamant about having her Ben 10 birthday cake earlier this year!) but there are a lot of young and talented designers who have designed cool, fun and contemporary toys and gifts for kids which we rather support.

From top left clockwise:
9. Apple rug and Bunny rug: £98
10. Grow height chart: £30 Available in red here
11. Le Rounard cushion: £36.50

Very excited to be in Harper's Bazaar


Well this was in the October issue but that how quick I am!
The truth is that things have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to check all our press but yesterday I got an email from Mia-Louise, the talented designer of these beautiful, handmade prints who was over the moon and very grateful that we managed to get her work featured in Harper's Bazaar. Personally I would like to thank Emma Love who put this Mono Mania featured together. Don't you love Harper's Bazaar!? I wish I had copy of this issue :-(

I remember perfectly when Mia-Louise and I started working together. She contacted me to see if I was interested in stocking her prints on B&F and one look at them and I was like......Hellooo!! Yeah! I just thought they were really beautiful and unique. We got them featured first in The Independent around October 2 years ago and gosh...the response was absolutely amazing. I think we were selling something like 40 a week....I was emailing Mia-Louise almost every day to top up our order. In the end, her press didn't take the pressure and died on her. So she had to find another press to keep the production going so we would get all the prints to customers in time for Xmas....It was really stressful but good stress!
If you want to find out a bit more about Mia-Louise and her work, you can read the interview we did with her.
Bises...I'm off to the restaurant.

Something to add to your Christmas list!

We've just added lots of super cute things for children like a Charlie and Lola dinner set, a very nice, organic newborn set by Kayatine, a Doudou sleeping bag (my favourite because it's safer for babies to sleep in this) and some fun Apple shaped and Bunny shaped children rugs by Michelle Mason so it's now it's time for 'les mamans'.
And 'la maman' in me can't wait to get her hands on one of these leather wrap bracelets by Clare Vivier - the uber cool LA designer behind La Tropezienne bag.
Look at this little beauty, doesn't it scream I'm cool and chic ?! :-) YES YES YES.
So here we I wasn't the only one to think this was a must-have, we've added it to our little boutique here.

And if your man is still struggling with what presents to get you, just send him to us. Although it looks like our Christmas gift guides are helping them because we are seeing lots of orders from men buying really nice and stylish things but I think this wrist wrap is definitively one to mention to him or to add to your Wish list!
This morning I spoke to a very nice man who ordered two books from Paumes because his wife had ordered some before and he wanted to surprise her (I sincerely hope that his wife doesn't read this blog and I'm not giving away anything) but I thought it was very thoughtful of him.
Talking of the BODIE and FOU Wish List...Have you tried it, does it work for you? Please let me know, I would love to know if it's something useful to you...thx!

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