Road trip to Cap-Ferret


Yesterday, Steve, Mila, my brother Francois (who will join BODIE and FOU early next year), Julie his girlfriend and I went to spend the day at the Cap-Ferret. We left home early to avoid melting in my mum's car which hasn't got air-con.....and I'm really sorry if it's gonna hurt anyone in the UK...but the temperature was 33 degres....boiling, sun-tanned, summerly hot!

So here we went...and this time, I actually bothered taking some pictures...and before you think....'wow besides being French and chic, she is amazingly talented, her photos are amazing, blablabla....' (just kidding) I have to say that I cheated :-)

The pictures 1 to 6 were at the entrance of the Lighthouse we visited and they were so stunning and so representative of the beauty of my region, that I couldn't resist taking photos of the photos....

but I took these which are pictures of the inside and outside of the Cap-Ferret lighthouse...

We walked around the adorable fishermen's village where there is number of gorgeous, old wooden huts and enjoyed a nice, chilled glass of white wine with oysters, pate and bread...pure bliss....

My dream car....

We had such a great day that next week, we will take the boat from Arcachon to drop us at Cap-Ferret, have lunch there, and take the boat back.

Little treasures from Japan


I like Emma Cassi's world and style. I mentioned her jewellery before but I wasn't aware she was a talented stylist too. She received these little treasures from her friend in Japan....vintage paper ribbon, a beautiful ivory bracelet and brooch, lovely vintage photos and I think the way she put everything together look adorable

Bonjour mon coussin

Today I received a lovely email from Claire Eglizeaud et Paul Moreau, the French stylist and designer behind Bonjour mon Coussin. They've designed a fantastic range of cushions which are inspired by vintage maps of Paris or vintage bus and tube tickets....and their cushions are very affordable! Only 34 Euros which is perfect if you want to update a tired sofa in no time.

I had read lots of good things about Bonjour mon Coussin before and remembered thinking it was cool to see some great designs coming from Bordeaux, which is where I went to Uni. Here are my favourites...inspired by Russia, old advertising, a vintage optician poster and even a copy of a wedding certificate from the registry office. All the cushions are made in France

To buy one of these lovely, quirky cushions, simply go to Their site is available in English too.

Great stylism


I love the stylism of Paul Howe on these pictures for Country Living

The atmosphere is very soft and relaxing. The pictures are from Ellen Silverman

Another beautiful day in the South of France


So far so good....the weather is beautiful. This afternoon, Steve tool Mila took the beach and as I was getting restless, I decided to start painting some old chairs in white to replace the ones you can see in the feature of our house in Grand Designs magazine.
I bought the chairs from AM-PM three years ago but 2 out of 8 have the legs falling apart (and they are only being used in the Summer when people rent our house)...not very impressed with the quality ..... so I've decided to send them back and replace them with vintage ones from various shapes to give the room a relaxed feel.
Our house is rented out again this week but we will move in there the week after and once there, I'm hoping to do a little bit of decoration to make the rooms simpler than they are, which is not here some beautiful shots of white interiors and objects for inspiration

I really like the idea of painting an African stool in white

Beautiful water jug from Nelson Sepulveda pour ABC

Old Style notebook by Cote Bastide

and a beautiful French house shot by F. Vasseur for Cote Maison

Gorgeous shades of grey


I love this beautiful house in London. It looks incredibly relaxing and calming. Anyone tempted by grey floorboards?

My mum found a similar bed in a flea-market in France a few years ago so I'm hoping the picture below will inspire her. The house is filled with natural light and looks so inspiring....gorgeous painted floorboards

(images from

Fab fonts

I've just discovered these fabulous (free!) fonts on Poppytalk so I'm just adding them to remember where they are because I'm likely to use them in the future

Milho Cozido


Clementine Sketch


Summer house in Portugal

I'm finally on holidays in France, the weather is fantastic and we've just came back from an afternoon on my dad's boat...pure here are some great pictures of a house in Portugal just to make you feel a little bit longer on holidays if you're already back at work.

Via Marie-Claire maison

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