My hair is naturally wavy which is a blessing on holidays not so much the rest of the year when I'm after a sleeker look. Mila on the other hand, who incidentally told me that...
BODIE and FOU Style Blog: 5 effortless hairdos for the beach



If you are after a great little café in West London that provides fresh, honest, healthy food, check out KIN. They have gorgeous, fresh salads and lucky me, they also have...
Inspiring Interior Design KIN Cafe, London http://blog.bodieandfou.com/

2 weeks healthy challenge: Update 1


Shortly after writing about this creative challenge, we left to go on holidays in our house in France (featured below in Côté Ouest magazine) and the first week, I really didn't feel like sitting in front of a computer which I think is a good sign. Instead I focused on eating clean, giving up coke zero and not dieting but changing my whole lifestyle and eating habits...

BODIE and FOU Creative Challenge: Are you in?


This image has inspired me for a long time... and dipping our natural basket into white paint has been on my list of Little Creative Projects too for a while so I'm going to take a couple to France to try this out.
In the meantime, I thought it would be great fun to do a little, creative challenge together. Are you in?
BODIE and FOU Style blog: Creative Challenge. Are you in??


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