Earlier this year, I started this new series on the blog which I have really enjoyed.
The truth is...I have absolutely no idea if it does anything for you but it's one of my favourites!
I find very soothing and calming so I thought I would do a little retrospective since I've done 10 of them...
# 10 WHITES 01 Series curated by Karine Candice Kong, mood board >> http://blog.bodieandfou.com

How to make homemade linen spray


Since we started carrying these gorgeous stonewashed linens, I have little by little replaced all our cotton beddings and all I can say is once you've slept in soft, stonewashed linens, there is no way you're going back to cotton.
So here is a little, easy recipe for you to make homemade linen spray so that your linens are not only soft but they smell super nice. It's super easy...
How to make your own homemade linen spray on the blog http://blog.bodieandfou.com/

The best winter coats at 30% off


I got my new coat from this last post (and sadly not with 30% off) but while doing my research, I saw some nice ones at Mango. As they are now offering 30% OFF until 22nd October on their coats and sweatshirts, I thought I would share the ones I liked before they sell out.
The Best Winter coats at 30% OFF >> http://blog.bodieandfou.com/search/label/Monday%27s%20must-have

Indian Summer in France...


When I arrived in France this morning, it suddenly hit me how I'm drawn to white interiors with soft, industrial pieces when in London and as soon as I arrived here, I switch to white interiors with textures and hues of blue and indigo...
Gorgeous blue moodboard, indigo for an Indian Summer. Read more >> http://blog.bodieandfou.com/


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